Please join us on September 10, 2022 for a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the American University of Armenia and extend your arm to lay with us the foundation stone for the ‘
Build A Better Future With AUA’ pivotal initiative.

This is a historic and momentous occasion in the life of our University and a time to appraise the advances we have realized together in the past three decades and a time to proceed with the realization of the most dynamic, productive, and impactful course of action in the next decade. Indeed, AUA was established at a most difficult time, twinning the founding of the independent Armenian state in 1991, and consistently striving to provide quality education through programs that best addressed the most critical knowledge and skills gaps in the country. With the same sense of purpose and impetus for growth, multiple new programs were added throughout the years empowering AUA faculty, staff, and students to make a substantial difference in their communities, to impact development on a broader scale, and to stimulate sustained advancement in higher education.  

Today, AUA continues to champion its influential role in higher education and the responsibility for tailoring its programs to effectively respond to changing demands and contribute to advancing Armenia, regionally and globally. Hence, the University is launching the construction of the new Science and Engineering building to house state-of-the art classrooms and laboratories with cutting-edge technology for its undergraduate and graduate programs in science, technology, and engineering. AUA is committed to responding to the challenging new demands for innovation in education and trusts that your sustained support will make the new construction a reality expanding the AUA campus to provide the required modern learning platforms and to help advance Armenia into prosperity.

The event will be held at a private residence in Hidden Hills, CA and will include a dinner program featuring acclaimed panelists, exciting topics, and a celebration of what you have helped come true in 30 years! Please join us in this new flagship initiative to ‘Build A Better Future With AUA’ in the next decade!